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Jackson MEDIA

Freelance Digital


| Zurich | Munich 

We offer you 100% Flexibility as well as a fast integration into your existing team. No contracts and everything runs on a pay as you go basis.



All of our services can be custom tailored to what your startup/new business needs. 


Digital marketing covers all aspects of paid traffic on all platforms. Want to find out how people are behaving on your site. Will they convert? Are you attracting the right people? Paid ads is the fastest and easiest way to find and analyse results about your project. Let us help you find the right one. Click learn more to find out more.


You need to be found. Although SEO is not as complicated as some people make it seem. There are some factors that need to be discussed to make sure your website and content is optimized in the best way for people to find you. Click learn more to find out more.

Content Managment

From CEO to CEO , I know how hard it can be to find time to manage and upload content. We will help you find the best solution using automated content planners and content creation tools to create engaging posts on Autopilot. Click learn more to find out more.

Active User Base Generation

You know it, your investors know it. Building up an active user base is super important for your startup. Click learn more to find out more details on how we can do this for you.

Weekly Marketing


There is nothing more upsetting then spending money on something and not knowing where its going or how to track those metrics. Our weekly marketing reports make sure that we communicate our deliverables clearly.

Support Consulting

Not sure where your marketing campaign should start? Maybe Google is right for you but Facebook isnt. Let us help you find the platform that has the right market fit for your product.

Clients & Partners

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Ready to find out more?

Click on the virtual coffee button below, and lets have a 15 min marketing brainstorm session about your startup and to see if we will be a good fit with one another.

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